How Numerology Works

Our world today is reclaiming back all its old lost knowledge and using the same to help us in our lives and numerology is one of the oldest sciences from the time of Pythagoras.

Physics and Chemistry is based on mathematics and biology and Psychology is based on Physics and Chemistry, thus this makes numerology the base for all sciences.

We use numbers in everyday of our lives, Each digit of the alphabet has a number assigned to it, It even rules astrology as the Sun, Moon and other planets, all have numbers assigned to them and have known to influence everyone on Earth.

Everybody wants luck in their favor, and that too is ruled by numbers, There are three main numbers that influence your life, Birth date, Life path number(By adding all the numbers of the date/month/year of birth ), and the numbers that add up to make your name… Thus all the hulahoo behind changing names or adding an additional alphabet to increase your ‘luck factor’

It may seem all hokey pokey to ch


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