Three Things I Do Every Day To Help Me Connect To Source

One of my key values, or motivations in life is ‘Connection’.

There are many aspects to this word, it is about how I connect with myself, connect with nature, connect with other people, connect with my purpose, but possibly the most significant is to Connect To Source.

It is the most significant because it drives and encourages all of those other connections.

You can define source in any way you like, or call it by another name, for me it is the universe, it is the thing that we are all part of that also runs through us. It connects everyone and everything and creates wonderful patterns and synchronicity in our lives.

When we are able to connect to source we can more easily establish our purpose, whether it’s just for today, or on a larger scale. When we connect to source we can more easily connect with our intuition

So I do these three things every day to help me connect to source

First of all, one of them is not meditation – I try to do this regularly but I ca


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