What Makes a Great Tаrоt Reader

Every time i pass by a doctor’s or dentist’s office or clinic i would always check the number of people (many or few) lining up to avail of the services rendered. If i see lots of people lining up, I’ll say to myself…hmmm…the doctor must be doing something right. He must be really good at what he does, people are clamoring for his services. I keep thinking, what does the doctor with a lot of patients have compared to the one who has only a few?

Same theory hold true, with commercial establishments like restaurants, beauty saloons etc. with a great following, with plenty of customers hovering. So what about you my dear tаrоt reader? Are people falling all over themselves to avail of your tаrоt reading services? That alone can determine if you are an average or great at what you are doing. So let us separate the wheat from the chaff. A great tаrоt reader is:

1. Someone who has first and foremost, integrity. He has continually grow and evolve his own code of ethics and not one


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